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Casino Craps

Have you ever heard about casino craps? At least have you ever tried with it before? If not, here is a detailed definition that tells you all about craps! Craps is most interesting and exciting game in the casino and player even won’t get the chance to show there emotions. Craps is all about dice game, were players use to place wagers on each outcome of two dice. This game is very fast moving and little noisy as well and some time it is little frightening for new players. Craps game is totally a chance game in the sense there is no fixed strategy for players to win the game.

This is the casino game of the gamblers, so banners are not posted in open views. Nevertheless there are some rules and protocol, which help the gamblers to know about exact date when it is going to be held in casinos. Probably, it will be written on the casino tables. Craps is the only game played by two or more players in a casino. Generally, casino covers roughly all players bet at a table and sets the chance on their payouts. The player who is rolling the dice is called “shooter” and other player’s at the table are keep on betting while shooter rolls the dice.

If the player is willing to play as a shooter in the beginning, he must bet a minimum amount of the table by using the “Don’t Pass” line or the “Pass” line method, which are some times also called as “Win” or “Right” methods.





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